This edu/infoteiment project allows the knowhow of directing, to realise and play it in schools contest.

* Drama, musical bases, and related things about this projects  like opera card are copyrighted all over the world.

La leggenda di Nabucodonosor

La leggenda di Nabucodonosor
Nabucco's tale or "La leggenda di Nabucodonosor"
is a musical play based on Nabucco by G.Verdi.
It has been conceived to be represented as in theater as in cartoon's release.

Two scientist,a middle aged father and the assistent,his young daughter, invents the chronovector, a faboulous travel time machine.
The father is a Nabucco's fan because his studies on the antique documents.
He invented the modern concept of admission war, and father wants to know how and why he get that incredible idea. They'll test the chronovector for the first time, on purpose to get to Jerusalem and see Nabucco.
He wants follow alive, the Nabacco's tale and meet his hero.

Something goes wrong in the travel.The two arrives in Nabucco' era, but something looks very strange.
The two can witness with their eyes to the first invasion of Jerusalem Temple, but Nabucco and others are aging in music.What music is that.
The cruel facts and the power struggle betwenn Nabucco, Abigail,Fenena and Jews, Babilonian and Assirus politics chiefs are sung.
The young lady is fascinated of that powerfull music, but is so scared about the violences of the story. etc etc...................................

The drama offers two contemporaneus dimension planes of storytelling, interating each other, the musical one, faithful played as in the score, and the theatral one, supported by the two actors.
It deeply modifie the musical drama structure, to create a new one, finalized to their aims and ends, concepteids during the act.

This musical shows can be interpretated by adults musician and singer and/or and better, by children.
Can be adapted to different kind and numbers of the characters of the storytellers. The duration of the show is 30>45 minute, through strategical cuts on the music, prefferring the choral narration typical in Nabucco.

The show has been successful representated in june 2005, in Verona, Teatro Romano, 2000 seats, with a full orchestra and 70 singer from 6 to 15 old children a modern scenography and costumes.


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